Can Hand Blender Be Used To Whip Cream?

Suppose you don’t own an electric mixer, a shaker cocktail, or a food processor to create whipping cream. In that case, we will demonstrate how can hand blender be used to whip cream without straining those arm muscles.

Making your own homemade whip cream is simple! All you need is one ingredient, heavy cream. Whipping adds volume and gives that beautiful, light, smooth texture. Still, it’s crucial to know when you should stop the whipping, or you’ll end in a curdled, sloppy consistency. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you’ll be an expert within a matter of minutes!

Top view of a white bowl full of whipped cream whipped by a hand blender.

There is a variety of equipment you can use to whip cream. Make it as simple as hand whipping, or go for a faster mechanical technique.

It’s your choice!

Here is a quick video that will show you how can hand blender be used to whip cream:

Here are some blenders that are perfect to whip cream:

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How Can Hand Blender Be Used To Whip Cream In Just Under 30 Seconds?

This technique is certainly not an advanced technique. However, it is super quick and straightforward. It will require less effort to prepare dishes than using a significant kitchen appliance or stand mixer! Also, since hand blenders are small and lightweight, they are ideal if you’re taking a dessert to a celebration and would like to whip up the homemade whip cream toppings at the moment.

Working with a hand-blender ready to whip cream.

This is all you gotta do and you will have some amazing, smooth whipped cream.

  • Commence

Put the cream into a mixing bowl and start whipping it at a low speed. If you’re using stand mixers, we recommend using the whisk attachment at the speed of 2 or 4. The mixture should be beaten continuously until you see the cream starting to foam and then barely becoming thicker.

  • Add sweetener of choice or flavoring

Once the cream is foamy, it’s solid enough to include sweeteners or flavoring. To make sweetened whip cream, a tiny portion of powdered or granulated sugar is commonly added. Furthermore, you can add honey and brown sugar or even agave nectar.

The texture and color may vary slightly, but each can be successfully used. In addition, vanilla extract, almond extract, lemon zest, or even cocoa powder could be added to the cream to enhance flavor. However, use it in moderation and only to the extent that the taste you desire has been attained.

  • Whip, whip, whip

Once the ingredients are added, continue whipping and then increase the speed. The cream will change from a bubbly liquid to a thickened, mix that barely retains the whisk or beater traces as it turns through the bowl.

Keep your eye on the mixer because when the cream starts becoming thicker, you’re two minutes away from making perfect whipped cream. Keep whipping and watching, and you’ll see soft and fluffy mounds forming over the upper layer of cream. Eventually, they will grow in size to create dense, fluffy clouds that barely billow over the bowl.

And once the cream has almost doubled in quantity, turn off the mixer and remove the whisk out of the bowl. The cream is considered adequately whipped when it can hold its shape at the end of the whisk without turning over or falling off the top of the brim. Just a heads up – be careful not to beat too hard the cream, or you could end up with butter!

How do you know when the whipped cream is done?

can hand blender be used to whip cream
A visible peak is a strong signal that whipping is finished.

Frozen desserts are tasty treats and making whipping cream for that purpose is not very difficult, too. Knowing when whipped cream is done isn’t an exact science, but there are things to look for.

First of all, whipping cream will thicken before it actually whips during the process. The trick is to watch for “soft peaks” where foam begins to form.

Once you start whipping, you will have a perfect whipped cream within 10 minutes. The cream is whipped to the “stiff peak” stage for many recipes because this makes for a light and fluffy whipping cream. When you stop the blender, but soft peaks are still visible, whip the cream one more time (for about 30 seconds).

What If I Overdo It?

Now that you have learnt how can hand blender be used to whip cream, it’s time to learn things you should try to avoid. If you keep beating your cream to the point where it’s whipped, there will be small lumps of cream in your bowl, creating a thick, grainy mixture. But don’t worry, if you haven’t crossed the fine line that separates whipped cream from butter, you’ll be able to save it! You can add a few more tablespoons of cream to the bowl and then slowly stir it into the mix.

Over whipped cream that turned into butter.

If the problem isn’t too severe, the mixture will be smooth. However, if you’ve taken it too far, don’t worry! You’re now on the path to making homemade, fresh butter, and we comprehend that there is plenty of space in the kitchen for that.

Is It Okay To Use Different Sweeteners?

Hell yeah!

It is perfectly fine to substitute with granulated sugar for powdered sugar. While testing, we noticed that the granules made the whip more quickly. They function as tiny rocks inside the cream and help form air pockets, which disappear as time passes. Because the crystals are bigger and more granular, you can taste tiny sweet pockets of sugar intermittently.

A container holding packets of sweetener.

Powdered sugar provides an equal sweetness due to the fact that it’s finely crushed. It’s perceived to be less sweet since there aren’t sugar granules to disintegrate in the mouth. Honey or Maple syrup could be used as well, but we suggest using only just half the amount of liquid sweetener. They’re made of water and require an extended whipping time; also the final product including liquid sweetener does not provide the greatest stability.

If you wanna go all out on whipping cream science, check out this amazing article about whipping cream, butter, and beyond. And if, by any chance, you are looking to buy a new hand blender, you MUST READ THIS before making a purchase.

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