Best Gas Stove Brands in India That Ensure Wholesome Cooking Experiences.

Cooking is one of the most vital activities that we perform every single day. Everyone must do it.

Your kitchen needs the necessary equipment such as crockery, baskets, utensils, electric machinery, and most importantly, the best gas stove. Gas Stoves are an essential investment that people make once in a few years. 

In India, where 60% of the population uses firewood for cooking, alternatives like gas stoves have become inevitable. The use of firewood is dangerous, but it also emits fumes that are dangerous for the environment and cause an increase in deforestation levels.

The use of gas stoves is being promoted throughout the country to reduce the harmful effects of the activity and to guarantee improved standards of life for people. That brings us to a question. How to pick up the best gas stove?

While picking a gas stove, each customer validates that the stove is safe, durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. Since it’s not an everyday investment, people tend to go with excellent customer reviews and service quality.

They need to research well and look for the best brands out there has become inevitable. 

We will present you with the opportunity to pick the very best for yourselves. We will provide a list of the best gas stove brands to make your decision easier and quicker.

More importantly, we will answer all your questions for you and make your cooking experiences safe and memorable.

Here are the top Best gas stove brands in India

We will begin by enlisting some of India’s best gas stove brands to make cooking enjoyable for you.

1. Prestige

The first most popular brand for best gas stoves in India is Prestige. Over the last few decades, Prestige has emerged as India’s top brand for selling large and small kitchen appliances that are a vital need of home makers of India.

The brand promises safety, durability, and innovative products that would add to the sophisticated setting of your kitchen and complete your home.

Some of the best deals on Amazon:

We suggest Prestige because this brand offers the latest products in all retail stores across India. The company has a wide range and some of the best stoves.

The brand offers multiple discounts to its customers with smart cards, ensuring a bang for the buck.

We also recommend the brand because of the excellent deals it has to offer. The Glass Top L.P Gas Tables are available with four, three, and two sets of burners along with a free Multi-Cooker at very reasonable and discounted prices.

Because of deals like this, we suggest Prestige so you can buy the best gas stoves from your nearest stores or get them delivered right at your doorstep.

Moreover, Prestige provides you with quality services in case of any problem, ensuring you don’t miss out on a meal.

Brand offers unique and innovative products.

Brand launches high-quality limited-edition products.

Brand makes luxurious stoves that beautify your kitchen
Spare parts of innovative products can be challenging to obtain easily

Limited editions are not accessible to everyone.

Luxurious products can be expensive

2. Elica

The next brand on our recommendation list which has revolutionized the kitchen setups of the world is Elica. The brands aim to provide products that are not just sleek and beautiful but environment friendly as well.

The stoves are designed not to produce damaging fumes that could rupture the air quality. We have added Elica to the list because it has two main objectives as a brand: to fulfill your requirements and cater to all your needs.

….And to manufacture practical cooking appliances that can alter trends of the market.

Some of the best deals on Amazon:

The cooktops are available in India in different finishes such as Steel and Glass with varying burner combinations.

The Elica cooktops ensure their excellent quality to keep your product going for a long time and protect you from any unforeseen situation.

The Elica Hobtop 4 Italian burner with a glass top and auto ignition system is a popular choice. The stove is sleek and easy to use with soft finish knobs.

Auto Ignition feature eliminates the need for match sticks and lighters.

Gas stoves are modern, elegant, and of high quality.

Three-burner gas stoves are sleek and space-friendly.
Auto Ignition system can be dangerous around children who might turn it on by mistake.

Gas stoves are a little expensive.

Cooktop of three burners cannot accommodate three large pots/pans.


Moving on with the list, the next brand that we recommend is Whirlpool. Whirlpool is an American brand that is spread across the globe to share its new technological devices.

The brand focuses on helping families create a safe cooking space that is accessible, chic, and promises consistent quality products and good customer service, such as setting up the device in your house and providing appointments for maintenance needs. 

The brand offers different payment options with a seven-day return policy if a problem occurs with the product or you don’t find it compatible with your kitchen.

A 48-hour delivery policy is also a part of the service quality that the brand promises, along with premium customer care policies that provide service the very day that you make the call.

…Because of all these qualities, we suggest Whirlpool as an excellent stove brand.

Some of the best deals on Amazon:

With the new line of Intelli-Cook, Whirlpool has up its gas stove game. The Elite Hybrid 704 is a beautiful gas stove with enameled metal burners and heat-resistant knobs to keep your hands safe.

The 10-year warranty keeps your decade insured—the Hybrid stove design suits your kitchen spaces. The equipment can be used in a standing or fixed position depending upon your needs.

Whirlpool gas stoves have a precise heat control feature.

Caps protect stove burners to keep them clean.

Glass top gas stoves are sleek and even surfaced
Incorrect placement of burner cap prevents the burner from lightning up.

May need special cleaners that aren’t harsh on the glass surface.

4. Sunflame

Another brand that makes the best gas stoves in India is Sunflame.

For more than three decades, Sunflame has been working to make the Indian cooking experience filled with modern appliances that suit their customer’s needs.

Above all, the brand is available in every corner of India to provide buyers with quality products at their doorstep along with excellent customer service.

Sunflame promises precise results for its customers to ensure hassle-free daily routines. With a wide range of 4,3 and 2 burner Gas stoves, Sunflame has been part of the gas stove game for years now.

Some of the best deals on Amazon:

The company guarantees value for your money and ensures cooking efficiency for maximum customer satisfaction.

The Sunflame stoves are known to be practical and offering multiple features through one product.

…For instance, the numerous-sized burner feature of Sunflame features enables you to use different flame intensities to save fuel by reducing the gas bill. Lastly, the Sunflame products have no rusting issues whatsoever and have become every chef’s choice.

The glass top gas stoves are easy to maintain.

The stoves warm up quickly to make cooking more efficient.

The burners aren’t visible to make the stove look classy.
Standard cleaners may be too abrasive for glass surfaces.

However, the flat pans work better on these stoves. Bent or curved utensils may be difficult to heat.

These stoves tend to get easily scratched.

5. Glen

Glen is the next brand on the list that has made its journey to provide exquisite cooking moments for Indian kitchens. The brand has been around since 1998 and has been presenting various kitchen equipment to the Indian population.

The two primary objectives of the brand are aesthetics and performance on customer demand. Durability and trouble-free functioning for an extended period are also the brand’s focus.

Some of the best deals on Amazon:

The Glen gas stoves offer quality gas supply outlets to prevent any gas leak, leading to unforeseen situations ensuring safety for their customers. Therefore, the brand offers everything from quality to size to safety, so we recommend it to every customer looking for the best options.

Italian knobs ensuring gas supply precision and preventing leaks.

Scratch-resistant options and a user-friendly outlook.

The stoves fit utensils of every size.
However, the use of imported materials makes it slightly expensive.

Small heightened stoves need support legs to make it comfortable to use.

How to clean a Gas stove properly?

Well, it’s kinda hard to explain, so why not share with you this amazing video from CNET. We think will do you good.

What we recommend

We think it is best to go with the Whirlpool brand. Good products and affordable prices are hard to miss.

It has been in India and in Kitchen & Home appliance business for a long time now. Moreover, the brand has earned a solid reputation with its other kitchen and home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and more.

Final word

To guarantee lifelong products, you can purchase stoves from these brands and use the mentioned cleaning tips to help you maintain your kitchen equipment for a long time.

Pick the product that suits your lifestyle, interior, and budget. Cook your Fears away with India’s best gas stove brands and share warm, delicious, and valuable experiences with your family.

We, at, are pleased to help our readers find the best products. We do thorough research for our readers so that we can assist them, clear all their doubts, and help them make the right choice! If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write to us here.

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