Best Dishwasher In India – Updated Top 10 List (September 2021)

Owning the best dishwasher in India is a relatively recent notion in Indian households. As with washing machines in the mid-90s, the situation was similar. To wash dishes and scrub the nonstick Tawa, most Indian houses still hire a maid to do the job.

Between 2019 and 2023, the Indian dishwashing market is estimated to rise by about 11 percent annually, according to a report by Research and Markets. The application of this technology, however, has been limited to the larger cities until today. Nowadays most of urban households can’t go on without a dishwasher.

Finding the best dishwasher in India in today’s world might be a challenge with so many developments. If you’re having trouble deciding which option is the best, that’s entirely normal. As a result, you no longer have to bother about deciding which oven is the greatest. As a result, we’ve put together this list of the top ten best dishwashers in India so you can make a perfect choice!

Keep in mind that it’s always wise to do some research before buying a dishwasher because everyone has their tastes and preferences, so they may not always align with what’s recommended in publications.

Top Picks for best dishwasher in India

We will start by listing down the top picks for the best dishwashers in India.

Best OverallRunner UpBudget-friendly
Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher SMS66GI01IVoltas Beko 8 Place Table Top DishwasherBosch SMV46KX01E
Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher
Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top
Bosch SMV46KX01E
Capacity: 13 place settings

Installation Type: Free-standing

Wash Programs: 6

Weight: 45 Kg

Dimensions: 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Warranty: 2 years
Capacity: 8 place settings

Installation Type: Free-standing

Wash Programs: 6

Weight: 25.5 Kg

Dimensions: 50 x 55 x 59.5 cm

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Warranty: 2 years
Capacity: 13 place settings

Installation Type: Built-in

Weight: 45 kg

Dimensions: 81.5 x 59.8 x 55

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

No Manufacturer Warranty
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Here are the 10 Best Dishwasher in India that we are going to review

Well, to be honest, there are numerous options you could choose from. But with thorough research, we have picked the best, top 10, dishwashers in India for you.

Sr. NoProductPrice
1Bosch SMS66GI01IGet a Deal on Amazon!
2Voltas Beko DT8SGet a Deal on Amazon!
3Bosch SMV46KX01EGet a Deal on Amazon!
4LG DFB424FWGet a Deal on Amazon!
5IFB Neptune SX1Get a Deal on Amazon!
6Whirlpool PowerClean ProGet a Deal on Amazon!
7Siemens SN256I01GIGet a Deal on Amazon!
8BPL D812S27AGet a Deal on Amazon!
9Faber FFSD 8PR 14SGet a Deal on Amazon!
10Bosch SMI25AS00EGet a Deal on Amazon!

Best Dishwasher in India – Detailed review.

Here we go! We have laid out a complete review for you. Read on!

1. Bosch SMS66GI01I

Bosch offers the widest selection of dishwashers in India. As far as we’re concerned, the Bosch SMS66GI01I is one of the best free-standing dishwashers in India we’ve ever used.

Six different wash routines are available on the machine. To remove the most persistent oil from your Kadai, you can use a high heat setting of 70° C or a gentler 45° C setting for Quick Wash. No wonder, it’s ranked as one of the best dishwashers in India.

Bosch is a brand that is synonymous with excellence. We found this to be the case in all of our experiments. The Eco Silence motor runs in the background, quietly generating power. No matter how heavy the load is, the direct drive mechanism will handle it, making it India’s best dishwasher.

Ease of install

It uses minimal water

Perfectly designed console

12 place settings
Consumes too much power

Maintenance cost is high

2. Voltas Beko DT8S

Things come in small packages, even nice things. After seeing the Voltas Beko DT8S dishwasher for the first time, you’re reminded of this saying.

Although its small stature, it packs a punch making it one of India’s best dishwashers. Developed by Voltas, the gadget is marketed as a tabletop device. So, in our opinion, a front-loading washing machine could easily accommodate it.

In addition to its minimal weight, most front-loaders include a strong top that can be used to stack another new appliance. The user-friendly feature definitely ranks it among the best dishwashers in India.

Despite its low price, it does not lack features. Despite its modest size, it can handle many utensils, which is why it is the best-selling dishwasher in India.


Extensive Server Network

Perfect for a family of 3

Easy to maintain and transport
Leaks water at times

Wash cycles are prolonged

3. Bosch SMV46KX01E

India’s dishwasher market is dominated by Bosch. Built-in dishwashers such as the Bosch SMV46KX01E cannot be transferred from one home to another.

It uses an auto timer to set the start time. Irrespective of your work schedule or other obligations, you may wash the dishes whenever you choose, which lists it as one of the best dishwashers in India.

Bosch’s superior electronic technology coordinates the cleaning process. Everything, including utensils and dishes, will be properly cleaned, leaving no trace behind.

Durable and long-lasting

Extensive Server Network

Perfect for a family of 3

Easy to maintain and transport
Leaks water at times

Wash cycles are prolonged

4. LG DFB424FW Dishwasher

Along with their presence in India for approximately 25 years, Lucky Goldstar or LG has become a household name when it comes to making durable and efficient home and kitchen appliances.

As a result, LG’s goods are especially suited to Indian conditions, which many foreign brands are unable to match. Water hardness and salinity in coastal areas diminish the lifespan of long-lasting devices.

Every time LG sells something, it finds a way to make it Indian-friendly. The LG DFB424FW did not disappoint in our rigorous testing, making it one of the best dishwashers in India.


Can be moved from home to home with little effort

Heated water cleans thoroughly

Two years comprehensive and ten years warranty on motor
It uses a lot of water

It needs a thorough explanation and demo to operate

5IFB Neptune SX1

The IFB Neptune SX1 is a Goliath compared to the Voltas Becko, which was a tiny device. There aren’t many household dishwashers that are as enormous as this one. Commercial machines, on the other hand, are much more significant.

However, for an appliance of this size and sophistication, the dishwasher pricing is relatively affordable compared to other similar products, making it one of India’s best dishwasher machines. So, it’s no surprise that IFB launched dishwashers that rival Bosch in every way.

No need to worry about dirty, cutlery again with eight uses; it cannot wash programs. All you have to do is put it all in, and it will be done in an hour. It can handle everything from delicate highball glasses to bulky cookware with ease.

Well-built and durable

Dual washing arms for fast cleaning

Efficient Motor

Not very expensive
Complex menu

Half load mode does not work well

6. Whirlpool PowerClean Pro

It’s been more than a century since Whirlpool, a well-respected American appliance manufacturer, began manufacturing home appliances. In addition to being technologically innovative, their products are also considered reliable, making them the best of India’s best dishwasher brands. As with Whirlpool air conditioners and refrigerators, the Whirlpool PowerClean Pro did not disappoint.

There’s only an hour to spare. For this machine to clean numerous dishes, frying pans, and utensils, it needs to be able to clean a large number of them. What sets it apart from the competition is its quiet efficiency and ability to get the job done without causing a fuss. Like the best dishwasher in India should be, the Whirpool PowerClean is amazing for bulk cleaning.

11 different program washes

Easy to transport

Highly affordable

Half load quick option
Complex menu

Max temperature is 65° C is not high enough

7. Siemens SN256I01GI

For those of you who loathe coming home to a dirty kitchen at the end of the day, Siemens’ dishwasher is the right solution. As a world-renowned maker and India’s best dishwasher company has electrical and industrial devices, Siemens has entered the dishwasher industry with the Siemens SN256I01GI.

Have no more than five people in your household? A 12-place setting dishwasher is perfect for you! Each place setting includes a dinner plate, dessert plate, glass, soup bowl, spoon, knife, and fork. Who said the best dishwasher in India can’t be organized?

Futuristic looks

Six wash programs

Versatile design

Clean Cutlery
Heat element can stop functioning

Inefficient heat pump

8. BPL D812S27A

BPL D812S27A’s USP is that it is really inexpensive, rating it as one of the best dishwashers in India. Most 7-kilogram front loading washing machines cost more than this unit. However, both Bosch and IFB are expensive brands. BPL has carved a space for itself in this market with the D812S27A.

Being a premium Indian dishwasher BPL has not compromised on build quality in any way. In terms of appearance, it is substantial and gives the buyer confidence in their purchase. While testing the Faber, we found that the eight wash programs performed flawlessly. Everything from badly damaged ceramic coffee mugs to hefty steel Kadais was no problem for this machine.

Convenient and Low Cost

Heavy-Duty Motor

Childproof Door

LED Display with Push Button
Leaks Water at time

Require home installation

9. Faber FFSD 8PR 14S

Italy’s Faber has been in the market for more than 60 years turning into a premium Indian dishwasher. As a result of the company’s high-end kitchen chimneys and hoods, Faber has become a household name in urban India. Faber’s major product is kitchen chimneys, but they’ve recently expanded into dishwashers and other equipment.

To me, the silver FFSD 8PR 14S Faber has an appealing basic appearance. In addition to the six toggle switches, there is also an LED display. Neither knobs nor characters with many functionalities are congested on the device.

Inside, we found that it’s just the best dishwasher in India. In total, there are eight different wash programs: Rapid, Soak and Auto, Intensive Wash, Normal Wash, Eco Wash, and 90-Minute Wash. To guarantee that the entire load is washed equally, there are three spray jets. We found it to be a very good three-dimensional coverage product, and it passed all of our testings.

Convenient and Low Cost

Heavy-Duty Motor

Childproof Door

LED Display with Push Button
Leaks Water at time

Require home installation

10. Bosch SMI25AS00E

The product has an exquisite appearance and would be a great addition to any modern kitchen counting it as one of the best Indian dishwashers. But this machine isn’t just about appearances.

Das brushed-metal coating on the stainless-steel chassis of the Bosch SMI25AS00E makes it stand out.

Our studies showed that it was able to clean dirty tableware with just 10 gallons. If you were to clean with a tub of water instead, you would use a fraction of this amount of water. It is also quite quiet, with a noise level of only 48 decibels. A television playing at a low volume has the same effect.

With four distinct temperature settings, it can clean even the most difficult work with ease.

Can handle large number of dishes

Very silent and unobtrusive

Child lock safety

Aqua Sensor
Cannot be transported to other homes

Requires a learning curve

Reputed Brands to Pick the Best Dishwasher in India

1.    Bosch

Bosch is unquestionably the industry leader with the most built-in and freestanding dishwashers variants in India. After World War II, it became regarded as a world leader in the production of the quality dishwasher.

There are a number of Bosch premium dishwashers in India that are solidly constructed, which means that they are built to last for years. To demonstrate this, each model comes with 10 years of corrosion protection, which is one of the main threats to dish and laundry washers.

2.    LG

From cell phones to chemicals, Lucky Goldstar (LG) from South Korea is a multinational corporation. All of us in India have used our phones or televisions at some point in our lives. Now turning themselves into one of the best dishwasher brands.

Moreover, LG dishwashers feature direct drive motors that are superior to the competitors making them the best in the market. As with a car’s fan belt, the traditional belt and pulley system is susceptible to damage. Due to LG’s design, there is no need for a transmission.

3.    IFB

Founded in the 1970s, IFB is an Indian manufacturer of white goods. They used to be Bosch’s technology partner in India. The partnership’s basic ideals were quality and innovation, and they have endured.

By removing diluted calcium and magnesium salts, IFB dishwashers have a unique filter that may transform hard water to soft water making it India’s one of best dishwasher brands. Due to the fact that hard water is not appropriate for washing, IFB dishwashers have a distinct advantage.

How Does Dishwasher Work?

How a dishwasher works is essential to understanding its characteristics. A simple waterproof machine that sprays hot, soapy water over soiled cutlery is all that it is. You may put any filthy tool or cookware inside in order to get them cleaned.

  • Filling: After turning it on, the first thing you need to do is fill it up. Automatically, the dishwasher takes water from the tap.
  • Washing: The bottom of the basin or pool is filled with water. A heater element heats it to roughly 55-60° C. It is also used with detergent simultaneously at the same time. Pumping the soapy water into spray arms follows.
  • Rinsing: The dishwasher dumps the unclean water at the end of the primary wash cycle. Rinse the basin with new water after it has been refilled. It’s time to reheat the water, however depending on whatever model you’re using, the machine could or might not dispense more detergent.

Build, Design, and Price of The Best Dishwasher in India

Either stainless steel or iron is used to construct dishwashers. You should thoroughly examine the machine to see if it will last you at least a decade.

You should never rush through the buying process; instead, take your time and make informed judgments. Most of the machines are elegant and feature controls that are hidden in plain sight. The little trap door for these controls must likewise be sturdy.

Lastly, you should take into account the amount of money you’ll be spending. Most dishwashers cost between INR 30,000 and INR 50,000, depending on the model. However, that’s a lot of space. IFB, Faber, and Siemens are less expensive than Bosch and LG.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dishwasher for Indian Kitchen – Is it a good idea?

Indian houses can certainly benefit from dishwashers. Pots, pans, and dishes abound in Indian kitchens. Keeping things clean can be difficult, but dishwashers make the job much easier.

Which brand’s dishwasher is the most reliable and most efficient?

It is often believed that Bosch dishwashers are the best dishwashers available on the market. As a result of their reasonable price tag, Bosch dishwashers are loaded with the modern features and technology available today. These dishwashers are well-known for their reliability and exceptional service. Dishwashers from LG and Whirlpool are also quite good.

A dishwasher in India costs how much?

A good Indian dishwasher costs about 30,000 to 35,000 rupees in India on average. When energy and water are included in, the daily cost of running a dishwasher is 16 INR.

Do dishwashers accept ordinary detergent?

Dishwasher detergent is not recommended or safe. As a result of improper rinsing, detergents remain on your plates for a long time, which is unhealthy. Dishwashers should only be cleaned with liquid soap.

Conclusion – Which do we think is the best dishwasher in India?

Well, there are some great options out there. But considering all the pros, and few tolerable cos, we pick the Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher SMS66GI01I

Overall, the Bosch SMS66GI01I 12 Place Setting Free Standing Dishwashers, Silver INOX, came out on top in our evaluations. However, we had to pick a winner among equals. Could we really ask for more? We were convinced by the Eco Silence motor’s superior features and perfect performance.

In addition, the chassis is covered by a 10-year warranty. So much promise from one firm. Then again, it contains everything you could ask for.

The Whirlpool 14 Place Settings Dishwasher came in second. We couldn’t overlook the Made in Europe label on the products we were considering. Due to its dominance in the consumer durables sector, Whirlpool has a large service network in India.

In conclusion, the best dishwasher in India is the dishwasher that fulfills all your particular needs.

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